Sunday, 5 October 2014

Girls Nights... IN!

After my last few weekends of being at the bar drinking until she closes, pretty much alone... I've decided to take a handle on my situation and do something new. A girls night IN!

Sounds like fun right? Well it is!

Friday Night I went to my friends trailor with her, her boyfriend, her great dane Titan, and her asshole of a cat named ....I dunno we'll say patches. -Just kidding it's misty, I wouldn't forget your cat's name then come back and revise my post later when I remembered to make it look like I never forgot... NOOO I wouldn't do that (LOL) We ate some food, played some cards drank some margaritas and cold beers, Ashley took a shot of sauza and barfed -it was her idea to do the shot of death, she lost, all is fair. All fun stuff, all fun stuff! 

Freaks \/ \/ \/

/\ /\ /\ Freaks

I remember going to sleep on the 'couch bed' with the great dane and waking up next to a cat, slightly wild trailor times.

It was such a beautiful day the next day we went for a walk with the dog and just had a nice relaxing evening.

On Saturday, I had my girl after supper when she came back from her sleepover at my little brothers. We played some games, watched a movie, she made me a cheese sandwich. I'm telling you she makes the best cheese sandwiches for a four year old. -Although mayo gives me the WORST god forsaken heartburns ever! INSTANT HEARTBURN! 

Then later that night her dad got home and we all curled up with the dog in a single bed and slept. Or well some of us slept. I was pushed uncomfortably into the wall the whole night. gonna try and make a diagram of how I sleep night time when were at stephens moms, no one should have to live like this.

This is us in a single bed. We simply do not fit, or at least I don't. Not to mention the blankets are under the dog and the mans feet and over maybe one and a half of my legs. I swear I'm the only one who gets cold too LOL

Next week I think I'm gonna try and stay sober. Me and my girl are having a weekend home. Finally!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Overstatement Of the Year!

People can be assholes and self pity is the devil.

Sometimes the people who suck are the tormentors, sometimes it's the victims. One type of person I cannot stand is the person looking for pity. The victim or the one who can't accept responsibility for their failures or misgivings. We all have hard times its unfair to say I've had a harder time then the next person or my situation is slightly shittier. Fact is, hard times are hard times, with this you have two options: (with me its always two options)

1.You get over it!

Plain and simple STOP playing the pity card you pick yourself up wipe off the dust and move the heck on. Why? Because it's as simple as this, option number two sucks.

2.You let the self-pity eat at you until the situation you have put yourself in eats you alive and you end up worthless!

I did mention option two sucked. It doesnt matter what happened to you, what it all comes down to is eventually everyone else forgets about your issues (because they probably have their own) and they move on, while you sit back in the past, back where your comfortably victimizing yourself, you complain non stop, and eventually everyone's tired of hearing it, eventually your the only one left at your pity party. 

What I'm trying to say is you people (including me sometimes, i know right) need to get rid of the insequrities! Take back your life! Take responsibility for everything in you life that happens from this day forward, you are no longer a victim of your situation from now on you can only be a victim of you own self issues. 

Focus on not where you were but where you can be, take back your life. Like I said we've all been there in SHITTY situations, its time to move on. 

Anyone who wants to share there pitiful stories and how they've over come them or are trying to over come them feel free to post in the comments. I have friends who WALLOW in self-pity every single day any story of will and success is good in my books! 

HAPPY DAYS AND I LOVE YOU ALL, there may be hope for me yet ;)

Friday, 12 September 2014

We all need A Daily Positive

This week blogging is especially difficult I couldn't figure out what to blog about because last week wasn't particularly interesting, and the parts that were I honestly can't remember -oh the joys of alcoholism.

As I was thinking about what to post I was checking my gmail and going through some of my favorite sites. Then it hit me, I'm sitting here doing what I do every weekend when I'm feeling down and just not quite myself, why not write about that.

I can feel as shitty as I possibly want, there is someone out there who inspires me everyday through his blog and he doesn't even know it, his name is Dale Partridge.

His blog has inspired me, picked me up, and helped me fill hours of self reflecting. He always knows the right things to post, pairs it with the best, most inspirational videos. When you comment he always comments back and takes an interest in his followers.

I urge everyone to read The Daily Positive. You won't regret it

Honestly tho, go, just go to his blog.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bonavista, Newfoundland

Photo Credit goes to 

If EVER you visit Bonavista, Newfoundland you must go walk on their boardwalk, go for a ride up the cape as they call it to see the lighthouse and their 'caves', abd absolutely go see their beautiful church! These three things, you must do!

This long weekend instead of going on a massive party like I usually do, I instead went with my Dad and his wonderful family across the island to Bonavista. It was my pops birthday and we were celebrating because hes been in the hospital and hasn't been doing well.

SO, my dads family, they are all religious, umm catholic? I guess? They don't go to any certain church they just believe in the bible and lead very religious lives. They have a huge family and me and aaliyah joined them this weekend for three nights.

It was so much fun, got to go to the playground, spend time with family I never see, My girl got to meet family shes never met before, SHE LOVES THEM, and they love her :) but who couldn't shes the cutest. really tho she is noones can argue this point, her giggle is angelic. 

The whole time I only drank 6 beer I went out one night to a shed with my aunt donna where six of us ladies had a few beer listened to some good old country music and obsessed over Tim Mcgraw :)


me, dad, my lil bro, and step sister?

me and my dads wife (not my step mom shes too young LOL thats what she says not me)

my child is the one dressed funny, my cousin?, and step sister? haha family is a fickle thing around these parts

all my aunts? uncles? and nan? definitely my dad in the white t-shirt and pop in the front haha again these people and I have no blood relation I'm adopted and haven't spent enough time around the people.

my girl and my little brother :) aren't they the cutest

What a Handsome young feller :)


I pity the fool who would drink these! Which ironically is moi! But first...

FAIL with a capital 'F' ! So, made this challenege of only drinking one night a week and only having max of ten drinks. yeah... no that didn't even remotely work out. 

The weekend after that we went

CAmping @ Lomond River

Not gonna lie I remember it was a while ago, I drank so much beer. I came back from lomond feeling like the greatest failure EVER! 

My View

Stans and Lucy (grandma)s Cabin. Shes a work in progress :)

So, we leave lomond after a couple day drunk. My friend Ashley calls me up, "YO wanna have a sleepover and get wild?" I'm all like, "yeaaaa sucka lets do this shit!" <<<not exact wording

Which brings me to the Next order of buisness...


Drink Drank and get totally inebriated to the point of no return.. ever.

I wish I had pictures to show you I really do and if there are currently photos added to the bottom of this then I probably came back and added some after I got them from ashley.

So, we went online found these ridiculous drinks called sauza-ritas made a trip to the liquor store/restaurant bought, tequila, beer, junk food, ice and wings galore! Oh them we bought a little pinner joint, ya know just incase. -Also, I'd like to say before I go any further I DO NOT smoke up.   Anyways, then we went to ashleys. It's a bit of a blur we mixed the drinks which were so unbelievably strong all I could taste was sauza, turned on Sin City and started munching down, two WINE GLASSES of sauza rita later and were trashed... I'm telling you it was wild. Wild. WILD! Then we smoked the grass and started munching on wings.

When I awoke hours later on the couch, Ashley was missing, there was wings everywhere, lime wedges everywhere, sin city on replay, I immediately jumped up and started cleaning like 6 in the morning. UGH! I felt great mind you but the mess was something else. I must've still been drunk I laid back down and went to sleep for a few more hours afterwards. LOL

Such a good night.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


...don't you ever worry! I am right here!"

This is me, missing the bandwagon altogether, I never just fell I missed the damn thing. Love this guy and this tune tho!

I just made a "Fuck This Shit" playlist on my youtube. Just my current mood.

I re-read my intro, my very first blog post for this recovery thing, I had such hope and people still say to me "remember when you were slowed down drinking?" my boyfriend says, "you were doing so well, quitting drinking, working out all the time..." Well, summer will soon be over time for changes... again.

Wish me luck. I'm definitely going to need it.


Drink once a week, never exceeding a box of beer (12), or a dozen drinks, glasses of wine, etc.


I know the word 'exceptions' may sound like 'excuses' but I really am going to try and do my best with this. The exceptions are weddings, birthdays, etc. Like big events... I find it hardest going to bars and not drinking, what the hell do people do at social gatherings without booze? ...and I don't like pop so thats out... 

I dunno!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

VACATION!!!! Ontario Bound!

Hello lovely viewers! Last weekend I flew to Ontario for a wedding and for some play time with my friends. After this little note I'm going to try and use the least amount of words possible because I have a shit ton of pictures. Also, because this is my drinking blog I should state the amount of alcohol consumed within these five days is unreal. There were blackouts, drunk arguing, falling around for some of us, I lost a shirt in a taxi, i lost a cell in a taxi, I lost money. Shit got slightly insane. Enjoy!

Our Accommodations!
Three bedroom, three bath, hot tub, pool table, huge mansion looking house that I'd die for!
Thanks for having us Robert and supplying beer for our hot tub parties ;) haha!

me and todd playing volleyball.

Robert (Boz) the guy we stayed with! Thanks man!
Our chauffeur and his deathtrap (jeep wrangler)
Todd! If it wasn't for this guy our trip wouldn't have been half as good! Handsome young devil.

^see no door... death trap.

Thanks for the open bar! Also, big thanks for the food there was so much delicious food enough for 250 people yet there was only 50 of us! I've never seen awesome food like that awesome job!
Rach and Patrick

Other pictures of wonderland, various friends in various bars, my nails, etc.

...and last but certainly not least MOI!

Facebook status that pretty much sums up my trip...

HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Thanks for viewing.